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Luxton Assets | Redefining Luxury Real Estate with a click.



Looking to buy?

Would you rather sell?

Hassle free luxury property dealing abroad.

Our Personal Shopper service offers you a personalized search of properties in Spain.

Sell your gorgeous property and walk away with the proceeds - without having to do any of the hard work on your own.

1. Tell us your needs.

Get in touch with us to request more information about a particular property or to ask about our services. Tell us what you’re looking for in a property and we’ll help you find the perfect fit. We have a wide range of luxury properties available for purchase.

2. Understand your options.

We will work with you to identify the best property option based on your budget and needs.

3. Get to know the property.

Once you’ve decided on a property, we’ll help you arrange a visit online or in person.

4. Due Diligence check.

We’ll review the property: Once you’ve found a property you’re interested in, our team of realtors and lawyers will help you with the legal negotiations with the seller and protect your interests. 

5. Complete the acquisition.

Once you have found the perfect property, we will assist with the purchase process from start to finish.

6. Get your Golden Visa.

If you wish to obtain the Golden Visa, we’ll handle it as well.

1. Contact us.

Schedule a convenient time for one of us to discuss about the property you intend to sell and check whether it comply with our requirements.

2. Property evaluation and appraisal.

For your property to qualify, we’ll need to evaluate the property by techncians and architect. Afterwards, we’ll proceed with the appraisal to determine the property’s value.

3. List the property.

We will list your property on our website and with our exclusive network of realtors and collaborators in the industry.

4. Receive offer and negotiations.

We’ll negotiate and prepare the contracts. Our team of experienced realtors and lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and prepare all the necessary contracts to complete the sale.

5. Formalize the sale.

Once the contract is signed, we will take care of everything else. Should you need we can intervene on your behalf at the Notary through a Power of Attorney.

6. Receive your payment.

Once the sale is complete, you will receive the agreed upon amount minus our commission.

All services in one place

Buy & sell properties. Obtain Golden Visa. No extra legal hassle.

Luxton Assets can jump the hurdles of acquiring a property abroad if you are an expat looking to move and buy the property outright in order to obtain the Golden Visa. If you want to sell it later, we’re here as well.