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Luxton Assets | Redefining Luxury Real Estate with a click.


About Us

Luxton Assets was founded in 2022 by Camila Brodersen, a lawyer, living in Spain for over 10 years. 

We believe in changes technology is bringing into the real estate sector. We are a digital-native Luxury real estate agency focused entirely on Golden Visa suitable properties – as well as residents of Spain who are looking to upgrade their homes. 

We offer an online experience and legal assistance, focusing exclusively on the residential market.

Luxton Assets' focus

Luxton Assets offers a high level of service and support that is hard to find in Spain. We have a strong focus on the Golden Visa market, which makes them your go-to for all your property needs.

Our Mission

We work as a luxury real estate agency serving affluent home buyers and investors from Latin America, North America, the UK, and Europe. Luxton Assets focuses its search for the sale of ultra high-end properties suitable for Golden Visa investments on Spanish regions considered to be luxurious living. 

Our agent’s expertise and understanding of these regions helps prospective clients create a migration network to partner with. 

luxton assets
Through our local expertise and international reach we are able to provide full service operations that includes buying/selling property as well as facilitate an owner’s journey in Spain ranging from obtaining residency all the way to enjoying the lifestyle they deserve. We work not only with extraordinary property but also with extraordinary people.